RPF Production

Producing RPF from waste plastic and using for thermal recovery

What is RPF?

RPF molded product

RPF (Refuse Paper and Plastic Fuel) is high-quality solid fuel, mainly made by waste plastic. RPF advantages are; 1) similar calorific value as coal, 2) easy handling and storability, and 3) reduction of CO2. It is effective fuel as alternative fossil fuels.

About Plastic Recycling


J&T provides waste plastic recycling of industrial waste. This treatment is producing solid fuel called RPF, and used as alternative fuel for petroleum and coal which is called thermal recovery. Also RPF is used as a sedative for converters for steelworks.

Fukuyama RPF Plant

Treatment Capacity: 60t/d
Main Equipment
Single shaft shredder: 2
Ring Die: 1
Molding Machine: 1

Features of Fukuyama RPF Factory

  1. 1.Acceptable various waste plastics

    Processing various range of waste plastics from industrial waste such as high-quality solid plastics, scraps and defective products from factories, sorted products in construction waste and so on.

  2. 2.Converter for steelworks

    Producing converters by mixing waste plastics with slag from converters at steelworks. Our aim is to develop new products by discovering and combining new raw materials.

Plastic recycling flow

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