CEO interview

Creating the future with
advanced recycling technology
The aim of J&T Recycling Group

Challenging for technological progress, and Contribute to realise a circular economy and low-carbon society

"Miracle-Recycle" is our new tag line. What do you imagine from this words? The recycling business is one of an essential subject for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It looks like a faraway goal, but it might be able to get closer to achieve SDGs if we can recycle all kinds of waste with our ideal circular economy.

National and regional governments and various industries are spreading activities and frameworks to promote recycling to respond to global-level environmental issues such as marine pollution and greenhouse gas, and recycling technologies are making progress day by day.

However, even if our needs are satisfied and our daily life would be rich and comfortable with new products and systems, other recycling issues would emerge. It becomes "cat-and- mouse game".

Under our environmental policy "Contribute to realise a circular economy and a low- carbon society", we have decided to commercialise Horizontal Recycling, such as "B to B (bottle to bottle) recycling" and polyethylene tarpaulins recycling, once again made into polyethylene tarpaulins.

I feel current ordinary and traditional way of recycling is not enough for the "contribute to a circular economy". I sincerely hope we have to find out entirely new ways of recycling through the creative ideas and challenges.

The idea behind "Miracle Recycle"

J&T Recycling Corporation would like to contribute much to create a circular economy step by step by forming a circular-loop locally and by expanding it to large areas with foremost and advanced recycling technology.
We express our desire 'Recycling is a key solution for a circular economy' in other words, "Miracle Recycle".