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Greeting from the corporate manager

CEO Message

President and representative director

J&T Recycling Corporation was formed in April 2019 as a comprehensive environmental solutions provider jointly operated by the JFE Group and the JERA Group, through the integration of the former JFE KANKYO Corporation and the former Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power Co., Ltd.

J&T Recycling Corporation will combine the JFE Group's advanced recycling and energy-from-waste (EfW) technologies and the JERA Group's high levels of expertise in power plant operation to propose solutions that are always a step ahead of the changing times and to deliver services that provide a strong sense of safety and security.

With waste disposal and recycling becoming increasingly discussed as global environmental issues, including the emerging understanding of marine plastic pollution as a global issue, we will also use the knowhow we have accumulated in Japan to actively tackle problems both in Japan and overseas.

All our officers and employees will continue making sustained efforts to develop and grow alongside local communities and to realize a sustainable and comfortable living environment. In doing so, we hope that we can count on your support and encouragement.

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