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Management Policy

J&T Recycling Corporation will uphold the following four principles.

  1. 1.Operate its business in line with the highest standards of compliance and transparency, always putting safety first, and make the building of trust with customers and local communities a precondition of business operations.
  2. 2.Focus earnestly on recycling business that uses the latest technologies and play a part in improving the positioning of the waste disposal and recycling industry in society.
  3. 3.Address the global issue of the disposal of waste plastic and the increased use of energy and resources through measures such as improvement in the food waste recycling rate and help realize a recycling-oriented society.
  4. 4.Aim to become a global leader in the recycling industry by harnessing Japan's knowledge to expand business globally, including in Southeast Asia where waste disposal is becoming a problem as a result of economic growth.

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