1977 October Koei Unyu Kiko Co., Ltd. established.
Trade name changed to Koei Logics in 1991.
1984 September Koei Sogyo Co., Ltd.established.
1987 June NS Clean Co., Ltd.established.
1996 April NK Kankyo Corp. created by merging the above-mentioned three companies.
1996 October Ogishima Incineration Plant began operations.
1999 December Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
2000 April Mizue Incineration Plant began operations.
PVC Recycling Plant
began operations.
Fukuyama Incineration Plant began operations.
December Sendai Plastic Recycling Plant began operations.
2002 April Kawasaki PET Bottle Recycling Plant began operations.
2003 April Company name changed to JFE Kankyo Corporation.
September Kawasaki Can and PET Bottle Recycling Plant began operations.
2004 February Tsurumi Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Plant began operations.
2005 August Business succession of Ogishima Incineration Plant, Fukuyama Incineration Plant, Fukuyama Landfill Disposal Site.
September Plastic Recycling Business began.
(relating to the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law, etc.)
2006 April Yokohama Clean Resource Recycling Plant began operations.
Sendai Clean Resource Recycling Plant began operations.
2007 July Chemical Works expanded.
(waste liquid bio treatment and waste oil incineration)
2008 April JFE Kankyo Logitech Corp. established as one of group companies of JFE Kankyo Corp.
June Fukuyama RPF Plant began operations.
October Business transfer of Sendai Business Division to Shinko Recycle Corp.
2009 July Transfer of container recycling business to JFE Plastic Resource Corp. (100% owned by JFE Steel Corp.)
2010 April Fukuyama Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Plant began operations.
May Shares of NS-Yushiro Co., Ltd. were acquired and the company became one of the JFE Kankyo Corp. group companies.
Business tie-up contract with Takeei Co., Ltd. was signed.
2011 July Yokohama Plastics Recycling Plant of Recycling Management Japan, Inc. is absorbed and split.
NS-Yushiro Co., Ltd. is bought out.
Yokohama Eco Clean began operations.
2012 October Fukuyama Plastic Material Recycling Plant began operations.
2014 March Began Low-Concentration PCB Waste Detoxification business.
2016 April JFE Kankyo Logitech Corp. is bought out.
September Began contaminated soil transshipment, storage, and shipment business.
Contaminated Soil Distribution Center Yokohama began operations.
2017 October Integrated with Japan Recycle Corp.
JFE Urban Recycle Corporation became subsidiary.
December West Japan Sector Pallet Plant began operations.
2018 October Integrated with Shinko Recycle Corp.
2019 April JFE Kankyo Corporation merged with Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power Co., Ltd.
J&T Recycling Corporation established.