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General logistics

Safe, high-efficiency transportation is realized with a diverse fleet suited to transportation needs.
J&T Recycling's integrated operation management system tracks and manages the operation status of every vehicle in its fleet at its present location. Vehicles are monitored in minute detail, with full data on idling status and more.
J&T Recycling responds to diverse customer needs, including customer targets for eco-driving.

Collection and transportation

J&T Recycling expands high-quality services focused on the collection and transportation of industrial waste on a national basis.

10 ton wing truck

10 ton arm roll truck

J&T Recycling gathers the total power of the JFE Group to deploy rapid, safe, and highly reliable collection and transportation services with vehicle fleets throughout Japan based on its long-standing experience in the logistics business.
J&T Recycling's services contribute to the realization of a zero-waste society, especially its operations to collect and transport plastic and PET bottles as industrial waste. J&T Recycling also specializes in all phases of management of specially controlled industrial wastes (waste asbestos, etc.), from collection and transportation to final treatment.

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Freight transportation

J&T Recycling relies on its ample experience and knowhow in the marine transportation of large cargo, sensitive cargo, and general cargo.


J&T Recycling deploys special vehicles and general cargo transport vehicles to transport cargoes of many types, from long-length cargo and heavy goods to precision mechanical equipment, electronic devices, and medical devices. We also offer marine transportation services for large-scale cargo, sensitive cargo, and general cargo using our experience and knowhow from working with steel structures, shell blocks, plant components, transport pipes, energy-related equipment, heavy load transport, wet towing, etc. on domestic vessels and barges.

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Obtained certification, etc.

September 29, 2010:
Obtained the green management certification (foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation)
February 10, 2010:
Obtained a quality standard conformance certificate from Tokyo (Tokyo Environmental Public Service Corporation)
January 1, 2010:
Obtained certification as a business with superior safety practices (G mark) (Japan Trucking Association)

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