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  3. Activities for the prevention of global warming

Activities for the prevention of global warming

J&T Recycling Group holds an annual "conference on global warming" to encourage the whole group to address key issues such as energy saving and greenhouse gas mitigation. This conference has attempted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions according to the industrial targets of the National Federation of Industrial Waste Management Associations. From the target fiscal year of 2012FY and later, the conference has created a company-wide mid- to long-term plan based on the Energy Saving Act and a global warming countermeasure plan based on Yokohama and Kawasaki city ordinances (business offices in Yokohama and Kawasaki). Each plan calls for stringent energy-saving measures.

According to the latest environmental guidelines, the J&T Recycling Group also "promotes a recycling society" by suppressing greenhouse gas emission throughout all of society through waste reduction and the effective use of resources.

1.Contributing to the prevention of global warming by properly treating waste


J&T Recycling recovers useful, valuable resources to the greatest extent possible from the waste it handles and circulates the recovered resources back through the recycling route.

  1. 1.Waste plastics, wood waste, and metal waste are recovered from construction waste. Glass, aluminum, and mercury are recovered from waste fluorescent lamps.
  2. 2.Waste plastics are reprocessed as plastic pellets and RPF at the Ohgishima Plant and Fukuyama RPF Plant. The reprocessed products are used as fuel or as substitute materials for steelmaking, coke, etc.
  3. 3.Waste plastics such as PET bottles and flexible container bags are recycled as raw materials and sold to manufacturers.

2.Energy saving and resource activities organized within the scope of our environmental management system

The ISO14001-certified plants at J&T Recycling Group set their environmental targets voluntarily and work to reduce the use of fossil fuels and improve the recycling efficiency of waste to carry out one J&T Recycling's key environmental missions: To save energy and resources.

3.Energy-saving measures in the realm of logistics and measures against global warming

CNG vehicle (4t arm roll truck)

J&T Recycling promotes the transportation of waste using low-emission vehicles, and has already introduced four CNG vehicles running on natural gas fuel with low carbon dioxide emission.
We have also introduced a GPS driving control system to help our drivers better manage fuel costs and practice eco-driving.

4.Energy creation by electric generation

Yokohama Eco Clean and Kawasaki Eco Clean generate electricity using the exhaust heat generated by waste incineration. Both companies run their plants on electric power and sell the surplus electricity.
We have also installed solar panels on the roof of the business office of the West Japan division to generate photovoltaic power.

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