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Low-concentration PCB

Low-concentration PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) waste is detoxified by incineration at Yokohama Eco Clean (kiln/stoker type furnace).

  1. 1.Low-concentration PCB waste is completely burnt and detoxified at high temperatures of 850℃ or more.
  2. 2.Low-concentration PCB is collected and transported for detoxifying waste treatment.
  3. 3.Contributing to low-concentration PCB detoxification treatment in the Tokyo metropolitan area

Yokohama Eco Clean plant

Low-concentration PCB waste is a generic name for electronic components contaminated by small amounts of PCB unintentionally mixed in (PCB concentration: 5,000ppm or less).

There are three types: low-concentration PCB waste oil, contaminated objects, and materials to be recycled. Our company successfully completed two PCB detoxification verification tests to treat these items safely and gained certification as a detoxification disposal facility by the Minister of the Environment based on the Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Act (December 24, 2013).

The waste oil is suctioned into a secondary combustion chamber using a dedicated waste oil tank and transfer line. Contaminated solid objects and materials to be recycled are directly charged in a kiln by a charging device within a sealed container.

Each item is detoxified by complete incineration at a high temperature of 850℃ for two seconds or longer. J&T Recycling will continue to treat low-concentration PCB for the Tokyo Metropolitan Area at its plants located in the coastal industrial zone of Yokohama city.

Detoxification treatment flow by Yokohama Eco Clean

Detoxification treatment flow by Yokohama Eco Clean

Types of waste and waste items (treatment capacity and accepted packing styles)

Types of waste Item Treatment capacity Accepted packing style
Low-concentration PCB waste oil Small amount of PCB pollution insulating oil
Waste oil containing low-concentration PCB
Waste oil 16.8 kl/day Tanker
Drum can
Contaminated object containing low-concentration PCB Objects contaminated with small amount of PCB
Contaminated object containing low-concentration PCB
Waste plastics
Sludge / paper waste
Wood waste / textile waste
14.4t/day Sealed plastic container (drums of up to 200L are available)
Low-concentration PCB material to be recycled A very small amount of PCB material to be recycled
Material to be recycled containing low-concentration PCB
Waste plastics
Sludge / paper waste
Wood waste / textile waste

*For metal waste, ceramic, broken pieces of concrete, waste acid, and waste alkali contaminated by low-concentration PCB, J&T Recycling proposes treatment by a subcontractor through its company network.

Overview of disposal facility

Name of facility Yokohama Eco Clean
Type of facility Kiln/stoker type furnace
Location 2-1-5, Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa-ken
Temperature of combustion gas 850℃ or more
Combustion gas detention time 2 seconds or more

Allowed vehicle

Vehicle model 10t wing truck x 1 unit / 10t flatbed truck x 1 unit / 4t unit car x 1 unit
Low-concentration PCB allowed Kanagawa-ken, Tokyo-to, Chiba-ken (applying for it as needed with a focus on Kanto and Koshin-etsu)

*For vehicles such as 10t tanker, J&T Recycling proposes transportation by a subcontractor through its company network.

10t wing truck

10t flatbed truck

Chassis treatment network

Chassis treatment is also supported by J&T Recycling's national network.
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