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Recycling of dry cell batteries / storage batteries

The steel contained in dry cell batteries is used as a material of steelmaking. The zinc is collected as a resource at refineries.
Waste liquid and metal are collected from storage batteries and the battery cases are recycled.

Overview of dry cell battery recycling

Used dry cell battery treatment facility

J&T Recycling collects used dry cell batteries and detoxifies hazardous materials to recycle resources in a consistent cycle. The collected dry cell batteries are separated into steel and non-ferrous metal and the steel is recycled as a steelmaking material. Zinc is collected as a resource from the non-ferrous metal at a non-ferrous metal refinery and the other metals are converted to melted slug and recycled as cement material.

Overview of battery recycling

Cutting / dismantling of batteries

J&T Recycling collects conventional used batteries to recycle resources by the same consistent methods used for the recycling of disposed dry cell batteries. The waste liquid within the batteries is neutralized and the lead and plastic cases are separated and recycled.

Features of dry cell battery recycling

  1. 1.Complete recycling without generating waste

    Used dry cell batteries are sorted in steel, tin, non-ferrous metal, zinc, Mn oxide, etc. The steel is recycled as a steelmaking material. Zinc is collected from the non-ferrous metal. Other metal is converted to slug and used as a material for cement. The recovery ratio through recycling is almost 100%.

Features of storage battery recycling

  1. 1.Recycling the harmful substances

    As storage batteries contain harmful substances such as lead and strong acid, they are not crushed in a same way as dry cell batteries. The process begins with removal of the liquid and electric discharge. The battery cases are then cut and dismantled, and the harmful and non-hazardous components are separated and recycled.

  2. 2.Battery fluid treatment using J&T Recycling's extensive experience and technology

    Hard-to-treat batteries can be treated safely and reliably at J&T Recycling based on its extensive experience and dedicated facilities for waste liquid treatment. The extracted fluids are detoxified at JFE's chemical plant.

Dry cell battery recycling flow

Storage battery recycling flow

Introducing the facility

Separation equipment

Shredding equipment

Shaking sieve

Magnetic separator

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