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Recycling of fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps and mercury lamps are recycled with the latest recycling technologies.

Overview of recycling of fluorescent lamps

Tsurumi fluorescent lamp recycling plant

The Tsurumi fluorescent lamp recycling plant is equipped with dedicated lines for ring form fluorescent lamps (circular tubes) and compact type fluorescent lamps (compact tubes) in addition to straight tube fluorescent lamps. The recycled materials are classified into mercury, glass, electrode parts, and fluorescent powder. Mercury, a harmful substance, is safely collected and reused for new fluorescent lamps and mercury products.

Features of fluorescent lamp recycling

  1. 1.Safely collecting the harmful substance mercury

    The mercury contained in fluorescent lamps is a harmful substance stored at a high saturated vapor pressure. If a lamp is shattered or broken, the toxic vapor may contaminate the air. J&T Recycling collects shipments of fluorescent lamps without breaking them and safely recovers the mercury.
  2. 2.Seeking a recycling system on the forefront

    With improvement of recycling technology, we can now separately collect and recycle every component and material making up a fluorescent lamp, including the mercury, fluorescent powder, steel, glass, aluminum, and various plastics.
  3. 3.The largest fluorescent lamp recycling plant in Japan

    The annual processing capacity of our fluorescent lamp recycling plant is 21,000 tons. This makes it Japan's largest facility dedicated to the collection and recycling of used fluorescent lamps from around the country.

Fluorescent lamp recycling flow

The facilities

Straight tube processing machine (Tsurumi)

Circular tube processing machine (Tsurumi)

Ferrule separation equipment (Tsurumi)

Cleaning equipment (Tsurumi)

Fukuyama fluorescent lamp recycling plant

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