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Recycling of waste plastic

J&T Recycling recycles waste plastics as a steelmaking material.

Recycling of plastics

Ohgishima Recycling Plant (processing capacity: 127t/day)

J&T Recycling promotes the recycling of waste plastics, an industrial waste.

Features of plastic recycling

  1. 1.Stable recycling in large quantities

    Crushing and volume reduction in large quantity are performed. The plastics treated do not go to landfill sites because they are used as a steelmaking material.
  2. 2.Energy saving, resource saving

    The reduced use of valuable natural resources for steelmaking helps save energy and resources.
  3. 3.Earth-friendly recycling

    The waste plastics can be reused at steel plants after crushing and volume reduction.

Flow of plastic recycling

Introducing the facility

Crushing / pelletization facility (Kawasaki)

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