Raw Material / Fuel Recycling

① Recycling waste plastic for steelmaking raw material

Recycling of plastics

Ohgishima Recycling Plant (processing capacity: 127t/day)

Supporting recycling of waste plastics generating as industrial waste.

Features of plastic recycling

  1. 1.treating large volume stably

    Crushing and volume reduction in large quantity are performed.Treated plastics are used as steelmaking raw material, and no residue goes to landfill site.
  2. 2.Energy saving, resource saving

    Using waste plastics instead of valuable natural resources for steelmaking save energy and resources.
  3. 3.Earth-friendly recycling

    Due to crushing and volume reduction, waste plastic can be reused at steel plants.

Flow of plastic recycling

Introducing the facility

Crushing / pelletization facility (Kawasaki)

②Recycling used big bags to make plastic pellets

フレコン・・・フレキシブル コンテイナー(Flexible Container)の略称

③ RPF production

RPF (Refuse Solid Fuel) is manufactured by mixing and solidifying with residue of waste plastic treatment process and other waste (plastic, paper, straw etc.).

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