PET Bottle Recycling

Recycling used PET bottle as raw material for recycled PET products.

Overview of PET Bottle Recycling

Kawasaki PET Bottle Recycling Plant

Procuring sorted used PET bottle from JCPRA through bidding process. Through a process of crushing, sorting, washing, dehydrating, and drying, recycled PET flakes are produced. Those flakes will be transformed into textile, sheets or other formed products.

Features of PET Bottle Recycling

  1. 1.Complying with Containers and Packaging Recycling Act

    Our PET bottle recycling facility has been operated since 2002 at Mizuearea of JFE Steel Corporation East Japan Works based on Containers and Packaging Recycling Act.

  2. 2.Achieving 100% Recycling

    Labels and residue are using for plastic bar/RPF (fuel material for steel making, see "Raw Material and Fuel Recycling" page). Colour bottles and caps are used for material recycling.

  3. 3.Thorough measures against foreign material, dirt and stain

    Try to separated and removed foreign materials thoroughly such as pebbles, glasses, metals, caps and labels using various methods. It is realized to produce high-quality recycled PET flakes by processes of chemical cleansing.

Process of PET Bottle Recycling

Examples of Recycling Products

Introducing the Facility

(1) Debaler

(2) Revolving screen (trommel)

(3) Bottle crusher

(4) Flake washing equipment

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