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Recycling of PET bottles

J&T Recycling recycles used PET bottles as a material for recycled PET products.

Overview of PET bottle recycling

Kawasaki PET Bottle Recycling Plant

J&T Recycling is commissioned with separately collected used PET bottles through bids with the Japan Containers and Packaging Recycling Association (designated corporation). The company produces recycled PET flakes via processes such as crushing, sorting, cleaning, draining, and drying. The recycled PET flakes are reproduced as fiber products, sheet products, formed material, etc.

Features of PET bottle recycling

  1. 1.Recycling plant complying with the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law

    J&T Recycling's PET Bottle Recycling Plant has carried out a recycling business since 2002 at a dedicated PET bottle recycling plant constructed at the Mizue area of the JFE Steel Corporation East Japan Works. All operations are performed in accordance with the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law.

  2. 2.Realizing the complete recycling without waste

    J&T Recycling realizes nearly complete recycling by recovering labels, etc. removed as residue during treatment and reusing the residue as a steelmaking material (color bottles and caps are currently sold as materials for material recycling with charge).

  3. 3.Complete measures against foreign objects

    J&T Recycling uses various methods to completely remove foreign objects such as gravel stones, glass, and metal mixed in with caps and labels. The company also produces high-quality PET flakes with extremely high transparency by a process of chemical cleaning.

Flow of PET bottle recycling

Some of the recycled products

Introducing the facility

(1) Bale breaker

(2) Revolving screen (trommel)

(3) Bottle crusher

(4) Flake-cleaning equipment

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