Container and Packing Plastic Recycling

Remove dirt and stain from plastic waste and bale them. Contribute to reduce CO2 emission and landfill.

1. Plastic baling business (commissioned by local governments)

Yokohama City
Accepting containers and packaging plastics except PET bottle generated by nine wards (Kohoku, Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Nishi, Minami, Hodogaya, Aoba) which is sorted, compressed, baled and removing dirt and stain based on quality of Containers and Packaging Recycling Act.
Sendai City
Accepting containers and packaging plastics sorted by Sendai residents and crushed, compressed, and removed dirt and stain then baled following sorting standards of JCPRA (Japan Container and Packaging Recycling Association).
Hiroshima City: Dia Ecotech Hiroshima Co., Ltd (J&T Recycling Group)
Accepting containers and packaging plastics including PET bottles from households in Hiroshima City and then those are sorted, compressed and baled then those are delivered to recycling companies.

Baling business (commissioned by municipalities)

Containers and packaging collected separately are sorted, compressed, and packed for recycling plants.

2. Plastic Recycling Process (Sendai area)

Producing raw materials such as pellets and flakes for recycling plastic products through sorting, crushing, washing, water removal, drying, granulating and other processes. (JCPRA Registered Recycling Facility)

Recycling of waste plastics

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