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Plastic-baling business

J&T Recycling removes foreign objects from waste plastics to bale them.
J&T Recycling contributes to the reduction of CO2 and reduction of landfilling.

Plastics baling business (commissioned by local governments)

Kawasaki City
This is a business commissioned by Kawasaki City for accepting items to be recycled (used PET bottles, steel cans, and aluminum cans collected altogether) in the four northern wards of Kawasaki City (Takatsu, Tama, Miyamae, Asou) to produce items that comply with the sorting standard. In total, J&T Recycling collects and processes about 450 tons per month. The PET bottles are packed into plastic bales and the steel and aluminum cans are processed in the following steps: bag breaking, foreign object removal, sorting, and compression processing. The annual processing amount comes to about 5,740 tons. The PET bottles are baled at a rate of about 5,000 bales per day. The steel cans and aluminum are pressed at a rate of about 50 batches and 90 batches per day, respectively.
Yokohama City
This is the intermediate treatment business commissioned by Yokohama City for accepting containers and packaging made of plastic other than PET bottles generated in nine wards (Kohoku-ku, Tsurumi-ku, Kanagawa-ku, Nishi-ku, Minami-ku, Hodogaya-ku, Aoba-ku, Tsuzuki-ku, Midori-ku) of Yokohama city and sorting, compressing, packing, and storing the materials to comply with quality and sorting standards decided by the designated corporation based on the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law.

Baling business (commissioned by local governments)

J&T Recycling sorts, compresses, and packs separately collected containers and packaging materials to prepare for transport to the recycling plants.

Recycling of waste plastics

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