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Waste liquid / Sludge

J&T Recycling detoxifies various waste liquid and sludge with an environment friendly treatment system.

Overview of waste liquid recycling

Chemical plant

Our company's highly concentrated waste liquid system can treat a variety of waste liquids, sludge, and ammonia water. The treatment system with the lowest environmental load is selected for each type of liquid to be detoxified. J&T Recycling also actively recycles dehydrated cakes, etc. after waste liquid treatment and effectively utilizes recovered ammonia.

Liquid resource recycling system diagram

Liquid resource recycling system diagram

Configuration of waste liquid recycling system

  1. 1.Neutralization/insolubilization process

    Waste acid, waste alkali, sludge, etc. containing waste acid and waste alkali of highly concentrated waste liquid (Zn, Fe, F, etc.) and hazardous substances (Hg, Cd, Pb, Cr6+, As) are detoxified safely by technically advanced processes.

  2. 2.Biological treatment

    Measures against COD and nitrogen have advanced widely by adopting an aerobic / anaerobic biotreatment process that decomposes nitric acid waste liquid as nitrogen via a technologically advanced eco-friendly technique. The process serves as a reasonable and stable treatment when treatment volumes increase.
  3. 3.Recovery of ammonia

    The ammonia (NH3) contained in waste liquid is recovered. The recovered ammonia water is reused externally.

Introduction of the facility

Biological treatment equipment

NH3 absorption tower

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