Fostering the Next Generation

Promotion for Next-Generation Development Support Measures

We, J&T Recycling Corporation, hereby declare to make our utmost in order that our employee is able to more engage their child-rearing by means of

1. Promoting male employees' childcare leave

2. Accelerating reduction of overtime work



Accomplishing the target of activity plan as mentioned below, we shall go towards to the "KURUMIN Approval"* by Minister of health, Labor and Welfare of the Japanese Government. 

the Kurumin Mark certifies a company as being one that supports child-rearing after fulfilling certain criteria such as the creation of an action plan to allow employees to both work and raise children and the achievement of the goals set forth in this plan.

■Contents of Activity Plan

We, J&T Recycling Corporation establish activity plan which enable all of the company employee make their work and child-rearing compatible, and also show their enough ability on working. Outline of plan is as follows

1.Period from April 1, 2020 until March 31, 2023


Target 1 To keep acquisition rate of childcare leave
Male  : more than 7%
Female : more than 75% (accomplished 100% in FY2019)
Measure - Conducting workshop for managers to enlighten their male subordinate to engage childcare leave
- Conducting presentation meeting for applicant desiring childcare leave
Target 2 To keep average ratio of overtime less than 45 hours per month
Measure - Conducting fact-finding-survey for employees to realize actual working hours
- Measures of dissemination of provision of child-rearing and its support System