Solid waste

J&T Recycling recycles materials at its intermediate treatment facilities for crushing industrial waste.

Overview of recycling of solid waste

Yokohama Clean Recycle Plant

J&T Recycling carries out crushing and other intermediate treatments for solid industrial waste such as waste plastics, wood waste, metal waste, broken glass, broken concrete, and other debris. Several of our facilities handle mainly construction waste materials to promote the recycling of industrial waste and conservation of the regional envsteelment. J&T Recycling is building its capabilities for the collection and transportation of every type of waste on a nationwide scale by bringing out the total power and network of the JFE Group.

Features of solid waste recycling

  1. 1.Recycling efficiency: 90%

    J&T Recycling aims at attaining a solid waste recycling efficiency of 90% or more using the latest recycling technologies and facilities such as crushers, magnetic sorters, wind power sorters, and specific gravity difference sorters.

  2. 2.A safe and reliable integrated treatment system

    Safety and reliability are the most important preconditions required for the treatment of construction waste material and industrial waste. J&T Recycling operates an integrated treatment system equipped to collect and transport, crush, sort, detoxify, and recycle within J&T Recycling and JFE Group facilities.

  3. 3.Total power and network of the JFE Group

    JFE Group companies specialized in fields such as steelmaking, machine, electricity, construction, and chemicals continue to accrue forefront technologies and know-how. J&T Recycling offers safe and reliable waste treatment services to customers by bringing out the total power and networks of the JFE Group.

Construction / industrial waste treatment flow

Recycled materials

Materials of waste plastics

Metal waste

Plaster (cement material)

Recycled paper / recycled fiber

Recycled wood waste (papermaking material / fuel)

Reconditioned sand / gravel

Introducing the facility

(1) Primary sorting

(2) Manual sorting line

(3) Crusher

(4) Waving separator

(5) Wind power sorter + cyclone

(6) Specific gravity difference sorter

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