Recycling Plastic Pallets

J&T Recycling provides light, high-quality pallets with unique structure.

1. Fukuyama Area

Overview of Recycling Plastic Pallets

In logistics and cargo-handling, wooden pallets have been the mainstream, but demand for plastic pallets is increasing due to their superior pest control and durability.
West Japan Sector produces and sales light and unique featured plastic pallets utilizing their experience such as technical know-how (producing RPF and raw materials of recycling plastic products) and the route for obtaining of raw material.

Features of Recycling Pallets

  1. 1.Unique honeycomb structure realizes lightweight
    Our honeycomb structure keeps same strength but approximately 50% lighter than conventional products.
  2. 2.Low odour with qualified raw materials
    Comparing with conventional products, our pallet has less odour. Thus, it can be used for food and chemical products cargo.
  3. 3.100% recycled materials
    The pallets are made from 100% recycled plastic, which makes them less expensive than pallets made from virgin plastic.
    It is highly recommended for clients who are committed to CSR activities.

Process of Manufacturing Plastic Pallet

Introducing the Facility

Mixing materials

Injection molding

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2. Sendai Area

Producing plastic pallet using with plastic material such as PE/PP in our recycling facility.These recycled pallets are gentle on the environment and approved Eco-Mark certification.

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