Tokyo Super Eco Town Project

The Super Eco Town Project is being run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. It aims at resolving the issue of urban waste: encouraging the development of a new environmental industry to play a leading role in society for the 21st century and spurring a revolution into a recycling-oriented society. It involves the construction of recycling and waste treatment facilities in the seaside areas of Tokyo as part of the Japanese government's urban renewal project.

The project is being executed by private operators selected through a public tender by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which purchase Tokyo Metropolitan Government land, and develop and operate a facility using subsidies from the national government.

Tokyo Waterfront Eco Clean (The former Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power.) applied for the project, "Construction, Maintenance, and Operation of Power Generation Facilities such as Gasification Melting Facilities" the tender for which was announced in April 2002 and was subsequently selected for the project.

Why was Tokyo Waterfront Eco Clean selected?

Selection method

  1. 1.Contribution to resolving waste issues and establishment of a recycling-oriented society
  2. 2.Performance that ensures safety and consideration for the environment
  3. 3.Communication with local communities and information disclosure
  4. 4.Stability and continuity of business
  5. 5.Leading performance of technologies and systems
  6. 6.Comprehensive management capability, management philosophy, operating foundations, and other aspects

Why we were selected

Reason 1

  • The facility is a leading recycling facility, one of the largest of its kind in Japan, which will greatly contribute to reducing the amount of waste to be disposed-of at the Central Breakwater Outer Landfill Site.
  • The facility will also lend significant impetus to the establishment of a recycling-oriented society, for instance by enabling power generation using waste heat, the reuse of recovered metals, and the reuse of waste as construction materials by slagging.

Reason 2

  • The plant has a stable performance record and excellent safety.
  • Voluntary management values of high standards have been set as one means of protecting the environment.

Reason 3

  • We have been making information available by disclosing environmental measurement data and operation status.
  • The facility has an audio-visual room installed on the chimney and is open to visitors, as part of our efforts to communicate with local communities.

Reason 4

  • Our company is established with investments by major companies mainly including Tokyo Electric Power Company; enabling us to continuously and reliably operate our business using our know-how for business management, asset management, risk management, and other aspects.

Reason 5

  • The system is a leading system including an advanced recycling facility equipped with high-efficiency power generators.

Reason 6

  • The project will be operated mainly by Tokyo Electric Power Company, which is a utility, on the basis of sufficient recognition of its social responsibility and the importance of contributing to society.

Measures for solving the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's industrial waste disposal problems

  • Achieve complete elimination of disposal by landfill by thoroughly performing material recycling and thermal recycling of the vast quantities of waste plastic generated.
  • Aim at total treatment within Tokyo of medical waste generated within Tokyo.
  • Build a system in which highly reliable companies with transparent business operations can grow by eliminating poor waste treatment operators.
  • Promote environmental communication capable of winning the confidence of Tokyo citizens by actively making available information about the safety of the waste treatment facility and its environmental impact.
  • Build an appropriate waste treatment system covering everything from collection and transportation to disposal through collaboration among medical institutions and waste treatment companies.

Until March 2019: Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power Co., Ltd.
From April 2019: J&T Recycling Corporation Tokyo Waterfront Eco Clean