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Environmental policy

Basic philosophy

J&T Recycling Group contributes to society through its environmental and recycling businesses.

Course of action

  1. 1.Promotion of recycling society
    1. (1)Observe laws and regulations related to business and other requirements of the J&T Recycling Group.
    2. (2)Promote the proper treatment of waste and prevent pollution.
    3. (3)Try to develop recycling technology and promote energy-saving and resource-saving.
  2. 2.Promote operations consistent with the environment
    1. (1)Form and maintain an environmental management system and improve it continuously.
    2. (2)Set environmental purposes and targets and maintain a system to review them.
  3. 3.Promotion of environmental education
    1. (1)Provide environmental education to all employees to raise their awareness of environmental problems.
    2. (2)This policy is shown to the public and is publicized to all of the people working for our company and this group company.

Established on April 1, 2019
J&T Recycling Corporation
President Tetsuo TSUYUGUCHI

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