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JFE Group's abundant experience and technologies support total solutions.

J&T Recycling group

Shinko Recycle Corporation

Shinko Recycle Corporation

Description of business

  • Waste plastics are sorted, crushed, cleaned, dried, and granulated to manufacture recycled plastic material.
  • Production and sale of pallets from used plastics in addition to the sale of recycled plastic products
  • Plastic container and package baling (project commissioned by Sendai City)
  • Recycling of fluorescent lamps
  • Disposal of confidential documents
  • Production of RPF

JFE Kankyo Logitech Corporation

Kanazawa Recycling Center

Description of business

  • Collection and transportation of industrial and general waste, and intermediate treatment and recycling of industrial waste
  • Cleaning of effluent treatment facilities and the cleaning, maintenance, and management of plant equipment

JFE Group

JFE Plastic Resource Corporation

Mizue material recycling plant for blast furnace

Description of business

  • Recycling of general waste, and the recycling business
  • Sales of technology, devices, and recycled plastic products related to the business shown above

Japan Recycling Corporation

Chiba Recycling Center

Description of business

  • Waste disposal business (intermediate treatment by incineration facilities, intermediate treatment by methane fermentation facilities)
  • Disposal business of industrial waste subject to special control (intermediate treatment by incineration facilities)
  • Recycling business under the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law.
  • Operation, maintenance, and management of waste treatment devices and equipment

JFE Urban Recycle Corporation

Home appliances recycling plant

Description of business

  • Plan for the recycling of the used home appliances specified in the Act for Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliances
  • Plan for the recycling of other electric and electronic devices

Recycling Management Japan, Inc.

Okayama woody carbonizing facility

Description of business

  • Waste disposal business: commissioned treatment of general waste and industrial waste
  • Maintenance and management business: commissioned operation of waste processing facilities, commissioned operation and management, maintenance

Solution network

Mansei Recycle Systems Co., Ltd.

Headquarter's recycling plant

Description of business

  • Production and sale of wood waste chip
  • Production and sale of fluff (finely fractured fuel made of waste plastics) and RPF
  • Envsteelmental consulting (consulting on CO2 reduction and the treatment and recycling of industrial waste)
  • Activities related to CSR [carbon offset business, the development of products useful to society using waste materials, the acceptance of long-term interns, an activity for sending vaccines to children around the world using PET bottle caps, etc.]

JFE Bars & Shapes Corporation

Direct arc furnace

Description of business

  • Production and sale of steelware
  • Production and sale of other metallic products
  • Industrial waste disposal business
  • General waste disposal business
  • All business incidental to the foregoing

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