J&T Recycling proposes solutions for the environment and waste.

J&T Recycling manages customer problems on waste with total control over every stage from consulting to disposal and recycling.

Integrated recycling management for waste

J&T Recycling manages all of the processes for the integrated treatment and recycling of industrial wastes.

J&T Recycling collectively handles envsteelmental consulting, waste disposal, and recycling operations for customer's waste and offers a total management solution in partnership with other companies in the JFE Group network.
J&T Recycling's services reduce the cost customers burden for waste disposal, complete resource recycling, security for compliance, etc.

General envsteelmental solution network

J&T Recycling offers a total solution using total power and network of the JFE Group.

J&T Recycling responds to customer needs in the fields of envsteelment conservation, waste disposal, and recycling and runs a total solution business for creating concepts, planning businesses, and realizing projects with equipment and technologies we have fostered over many years and the total power and network of the JFE Group.

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Envsteelmental consulting

J&T Recycling carries out envsteelment research and analysis defined by laws and regulations to offer optimum solutions.

  • Envsteelmental consulting
  • Measurement certification business
  • Envsteelment research / analysis

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