Changing various wastes to valuable resources

J&T Recycling recycles various wastes (liquids, solids, plastics, and fluorescent lamps) to help realize a recycling-based society.

Low-concentration PCB
Low-concentration PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) waste is detoxified by thermal disposal.

Waste liquid / Sludge
J&T Recycling handles the many processes required the disposal of waste liquid, waste oil, and waste beverages using its abundant experience and technology.

Recycling of fluorescent lamps
Fluorescent lamps of various shapes are recycled whole. Harmful substances are safely collected.

Recycling of dry cell batteries / Storage batteries
J&T Recycling collects waste dry cell batteries and storage batteries to promote the consistent recycling of resources.

Solid waste
J&T Recycling is a total recycler of solid industrial waste such as construction waste material.

Waste to be incinerated
This is an incinerator with a high recycling rate and the capability to recycle wastes of many kinds.

Recycling of PET bottles
Used PET bottles are recycled as materials for fiber products.

Plastic-baling business
Used waste plastics from industrial waste are recycled as a material for steelmaking.

Recycling of waste plastic
RPF (solid fuel) is manufactured from waste plastic recovered during the thermal recycling of industrial wastes and plastics.

Recycling of metal from disposed home appliances
Metal is completely decomposed and segregated from disposed home appliances to be recycled.

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